Star Wars Force Trainer

Star Wars Force Trainer

Use your brain, Jedi!

All Star Wars fans dream of being able to move objects with their minds only, just like a true Jedi. Now it's possible - for real! With the Star Wars force trainer you can move the Jedi Training ball up and down the Training Tower with your thoughts!

The clever wireless headset can actually read and interpret your brainwaves. The more you concentrate, the more power your mind produces!

This mind-blowing Star Wars brain trainer helps you develop your powers of concentration. With cool sound effects and Yoda training dialogue to help you with the Jedi telekinesis, you will move from Padawan to the highest rank of Jedi Master with a bit of effort and hard practise.

The Jedi force trainer has got to be one of the coolest gifts a Star Wars lover can get, or for that matter anyone who has a fascination for brain power and wish to follow the way of the Jedi!

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Star Wars Force Trainer Star Wars Force Trainer


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