Star Theatre Planetarium

Star Theatre Planetarium

Your own personal planetarium

This mind-blowing projector uses the same lens as a full-blown commercial planetarium to show real constellations in detail. Just turn the lights off, switch the Star Theatre Planetarium on, then sit back and relax while the projector beams 10,000 stars skywards!

Star Theatre Planetarium from above

This ultra-bright white LED technology even includes special discs to display both stars and delineated constellations, and mimics celestial movement in both northern and southern hemispheres. Sounds impressive, eyh? It is, and at the same time it's stupendously easy to use. Simply place the little discs in the Star Theatre's front-loading tray and prepare for a gobsmacking space trip.

Star Theatre Planetarium comess with slides

Wait, that's not all, you can even set the Star Theatre Planetarium to project shooting stars at random intervals.

The Star Theatre is a cosmic gift for anyone with the faintest interest in good ol' Cosmos!

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Star Theatre Planetarium Controls


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