Snowball Blaster Gun

Snowball Blaster Gun

Winter fun with a throwing gun

Kiddicool is all about fun and play and peace and love, and is definitely not pro weapons. But when it comes to a good ol' snowball fight, we simply have to make an exception.

The Arctic Force Snowball Blaster levels the playing field. Slide it onto your arm like a Transformer's winter equipment, and let the shootout begin. The tough and lightweight Arctic Force Snowball Blaster is able to launch three snowballs at once. But best of all, it’s capable of launching them up to 80ft!

This high-powered slingshot has a scoop-shaped cup that will hold the snowball in place as you pull back the rubber straps. Young guns will probably manage to fire the fluffy nuggets around 50ft, but in the hands of mum and dad they’ll reach as far as 80ft.

The Snowball Blaster is perfect for pelting your opponents' defences, lobbing across the backyard treehouse, or firing pot shots.

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Ready - set - throw:

Snowball Blaster Gun Snowball Blaster Gun Snowball Blaster Gun


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