Russian Dolls - Robots

Russian Dolls - Robots

Don't be afraid - we come in pieces!

You thought matryoshka dolls were a set of boring grandmothers that would stay that way forever, eyh? Behold the six nesting Robots from outer Space!

You can line up these sci-fi inspired Bots in a row and display them, or put them inside one another - great fun for kids, and with its superb design they appeal to all ages!

Nesting dolls first appeared in Russia during the 19th century, and were thought to have been inspired by souvenir dolls from Japan. Now it's obvious that their roots can be traced to another planet!

These funky robot dolls are made from high grade ABS material with amazing graphics! Reaching from only 30mm to 114mm high.

We are njet babushkas! Take us to your leader or buy us now!

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Russian Dolls - Robots


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