Retro Cassette Speaker

Retro Cassette Speaker

Remind your kids of the cool 80's!

Welcome aboard the time machine. Today's attraction is a totally rad thing called the Compact Cassette! (Wait for applause.)

The Retro Cassette Speaker is a travel speaker cunningly disguised as a retro mix tape! It works with all MP3 players and produces big sound.

Teach your tots about a time before Internet, a time for inventions like the Boombox and Walkman and the flat little plastic containters that made those things play music with the help of two miniature spools and a magnetically coated plastic tape. If that doesn't make them all ears, just show them the Retro Cassette Speaker and play them some fricking cool tunes from say Thriller.

This unique little find will attract attention from all ages! Most definately, dude!

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Retro Cassette Speaker - great gift Retro Cassette Speaker - big sound


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