Parrot AR Drone - R/C Chopper

Parrot AR Drone

iPhone controlled chopper with cameras!

With four independently-powered propellers and two cameras built into its carbon fibre frame, the Parrot AR Drone is a stunningly intuitive remote controlled flyer. But the best part is that this high tech quadricopter is controlled entirely from your iPhone!

Also compatible with iPads and iPod Touches, the free app lets you stream live video from the AR Drone's built-in cameras straight to your screen. When you want take off, just press the onscreen "Take Off" button. The AR Drone will rise into the air of its own accord and stop at a predetermined height. From that point you decide where and how to fly this über cool flying tool.

Tilt your iPhone to steer. A control wheel on the iPhone's screen lets you rotate the AR Drone 360 degrees in the air, while another lets you control your height. When it's time to land, jsut let the software do it for you! Hit "Land" and the AR Drone will gently touch down.

The Parrot AR Drone comes with two interchangeable hull designs. One for indoor activity and one for manoeuvrability outdoors!

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Parrot AR Drone - R/C flyer Parrot AR Drone - R/C flyer Parrot AR Drone - R/C flyer Parrot AR Drone - R/C flyer


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