Crafty Cat Bank

Crafty Cat Bank

The kitten wants your money!

This cute little cat-in-the-box bank is a fun way to save money, and it couldn't be easier! Leave it to the Crafty Cat to munch up all your dough.

Simply place coins on the Crafty Cat's dinner plate, gently pressing down to activate the button. Within a second you'll hear him meow – he's getting ready to pounce.

He'll poke his paw out and claim the gold, dragging the coins into the box. And that's it! Your money is saved in the adorable kitten's cozy home!

To retrieve your hard earned cash, just unscrew the tab on the bottom of the box to empty the contents.

The Crafty Cat Bank is a truly entertaining way for both kids and adults to look after their money. Meow!

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Crafty Cat Bank Crafty Cat Bank Crafty Cat Bank


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