Tramp-it Jump Shoes

Tramp-it Jump Shoes

Gives you kangaroo powers!

Ever wanted to jump like a rabbit, kangaroo or perhaps the Incredible Hulk? Now's your chance!

With fantastic springing strips curved under the soles, these amazing trainers give you nearly super powers. Just strap on a pair of Tramp-it Jump shoes and you've got a mini-trampoline under each foot.

These crazy fun jump shoes make any kid run faster, jump further and bounce like a demented frog. Why's that a good thing, you ask? Because they are proven to help boost endurance, improve balance and strengthen running muscles.

What's more? The Tramp-it Jump Shoes increases oxygen supply, reduces neck and back pain, burns calories, has adjustable size, breathable base shoe, quick lacing system with additional click-fastener and adjustable spring that adapts to the body weight. Suitable for kids of any age up to 100kg in weight.

The Tramp-it Jump Shoes come in 3 sizes. Bouncing is fun - boooing!

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Tramp-it Jump Shoes Tramp-it Jump Shoes Tramp-it Jump Shoes


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