Penguin Luggage Set - wheelie suitcase with matching hardshell back pack from Travel Buddies

Penguin Luggage Set

Wheelie suitcase with matching back pack

Squeek! From Travel Buddies now comes this adorable penguin luggage set - a high quality 18" wheelie suitcase with matching 13" hardshell back pack!

They're both made from hardshell abs, which gives them that hard shell protection while at the same time being light weight.

The wheelie luggage offers a duel height retractable handle that can be adjusted to an adult height and child height for convenience. It even offers a hand carry handle.

The penguin back pack has both a hand carry handle and child back straps.

Since the wheelie weighs less than 5 pounds and the back pack 1.5 pounds, this lovely penguin luggage set is perfect for kids! The backpack is big enough to fill with toys and small enough to bring on a plane, while the big suitcase is just ideal for clothes to go on a holiday.

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Penguin Luggage Set - perfect for travels Penguin Luggage Set - fits it all Penguin Luggage Set - simply adorable


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