Angelcare Video Movement & Sound Monitor

Video Movement & Sound Monitor

The coolest baby monitor ever!

Parenting is a fulltime job. Luckly there exists certain cool things that help ease our workload. With the new digital Angelcare Video Movement & Sound Monitor you can see and hear your baby every minute of every day.

This unique 3-in-1 baby monitor not only shows you HQ video of your baby, but also detects sound and movement. So if your baby is still for 20 seconds, you'll be alerted. A great way to detect when your baby falls asleep! But the truely neat thing about Angelcare AC1100 baby monitor is the combination of all the cool features:

It uses Infrared LED technology so you can even see your baby in the dark. It has a talk back function so jou can speak directly to the baby. It monitores the temperature in the room. The Parent Unit has a touch screen technology to access all functions (for instance to zoom and rotate the camera in the Nursery Unit). And because the monitor has a 200m range you can just clip the small portable Parent Unit to your belt and watch over your baby on the go. Now that's a baby monitor!

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