Christmas time is coming and once again many of us are in danger of letting it catch us off guard. But not to worry - take the stress out of Christmas shopping by finding your gifts online.

Kiddicool have made it easy for you by sorting out the absolute coolest Christmas gifts for kids 2011. Whether it's for your son, daughter, grand children, brother or sister, here are the most unique and cool Christmas presents that you can possibly get for boys and girls:

LeapPad Explorer

Leapfrog LeapPad Explorer learning tablet

This is one of the absolute coolest gifts for kids 2011. The LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer helps kids to create and learn.

It's basically a learning tablet that gives you access to more than 100 educational books, games, videos, and apps. Various subjects like mathematics, reading, and science are covered in a fun and interactive way. The LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet even has a built-in camera that can shoot video, allowing kids to make animation and art to share with family and friends.

Giant Piano

Giant Piano

Do as Tom Hanks in the eighties movie Big, and kick off your shoes and stomp out the Chopsticks scene on the ridiculously fun Giant Piano.

Nearly 6ft long, this truly humungous piano mat with built-in speaker is the ideal Christmas present for kids who love to dance and play!

You can even play along to 10 preloaded songs. Any kids would love to put their foot on it!

Bop It! Bounce

Bop It Bounce

This is a truly fast and frantic game that will have the whole family bouncing like crazy kangaroos.

Bounce the ball on the special trampoline paddle to become the Bop It! Bounce champion! Choose from six different games to test speed, height, accuracy and stamina. The toy even counts your score out loud to stop any cheating.

Bop It! Bounce is a super gift that will test coordination as well as competitiveness.

Star Theatre Planetarium

Star Theatre Planetarium

This mind-blowing projector uses the same lens as a full-blown commercial planetarium to show real constellations in detail. Just turn the lights off, switch the Star Theatre Planetarium on, then sit back and relax while the projector beams 10,000 stars skywards!

This ultra-bright white LED technology even includes special discs to display both stars and delineated constellations, and mimics celestial movement in both northern and southern hemispheres.

Air Swimmer Flying Shark

Air Swimmer Flying Shark

Beware - the great white has evolved out of the waters and up in the air! Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Shark actually swim through the air with incredibly smooth and life-like motion!

It has complete up, down and 360 degree turning control. Simply fill your Air Swimmers with helium at any party store, florist shop, or grocery store that carries balloons. The body is made from a high quality, durable nylon material that will stay inflated for weeks.

Huey Colour Changing Chameleon

Huey Colour Changing Chameleon

This amazing lizard shaped lamp changes colour of whatever it's placed upon! Got a yellow table? Put Huey the Colour Changing Chameleon on top and he will glow yellow. Hold him against a blue wall and he'll glow blue.

Huey the Colour Changing Chameleon uses a sophisticated optical sensor that determines the colour beneath him and matches it by adjusting the multi-coloured LEDs imbedded in his body.

Potato Chips Hand

Potato Chips Hand

This brilliant invention from japanese Takaratomy has the catchy name Potechi-no-te and is one simple tool for all crisp munchers who don't like their fingers - or keyboards for that matter - all oily and dirty.

Simply push the button and the Potato Chips Hand will pluck crisps from your packet or pile.

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